Taylor Taylor Salon London – Cheshire Street

07 Mar 2016

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Nestled just of the iconic Brick Lane is Taylor Taylor’s Cheshire Street salon.

The street has become a popular destination with shoppers with plethora of hip vintage shops and trendy cafes residing there, making Taylor Taylor’s presence there ideal for a pit stop between shopping.

A few moments down Cheshire Street  you are met with an unassuming store front, once inside the salon you are met with highly ornate decor – taking inspiration from 18th Century English stately homes and French palaces. Though a little on the feminine side the salon does cater well to men, providing great services and even a  full size brass topped cocktail bar.

The salon itself feels very intimate with a boutique feel, staff on hand to give advice without being pushy. On my visit I was given an appointment with stylist Tom Gilling, a friendly and personable young stylist who has worked on shows for brands including Craig Green, Sibling and Katie Eary during London Collections: Men.

Together we discussed what I wanted from my visit, in my case just a trim and to neaten up my cut. After the consultation it was time to get my hair washed and conditioned which happens in a separate part of the salon, again the staff were helpful and managed to get  to get the right temperature, I’ve experienced countless times were the water temperature was either boiling or ice cold so it was a nice change!

I was very happy with the results, Tom took away the bulk which was making my hair look top heavy but while keeping length which I requested, making my hair more manageable and easier to style.

I thoroughly enjoyed  my visit and was very happy with my cut, so make sure to book an appointment next time you;re headed east.

Prices for a wash/cut and finish start at £48

Taylor Taylor
12 Cheshire St,
E2 6EH


By Cristian Burbano