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Summer Daze – Azzarenko Editorial Exclusive

Look: Lou Dalton


Look: Kit Neale
Look: Kit Neale
Glasses: Tom Ford Coat: Aquascutum Shirt: Brioni
Look: Calvin Klein
Look: Katie Eary
Look: Katie Eary
Jacket: Sandro Paris T -Shirt: Uniqlo Jeans: Katie Eary
Jacket: Sandro Paris T -Shirt: Uniqlo Jeans: Katie Eary
Jacket: Sandro Paris T -Shirt: Uniqlo Jeans: Katie Eary Boots: Model’s Own

Photography by Jack H. Bridgland
Fashion Direction and Styling by Cristian Burbano 
Model: Thomas Martini, The Face 
Shot at Bedroom Suite of The Hospital Club, London

The Bridge SS15 Collection

The Bridge - Brown Man Wallet £120 The Bridge - Brown Travel Bag £968 The Bridge - Dark Brown Backpack £723 The Bridge - Rain Blue Messenger £247 The Bridge - Rain Blue Travel Bag £747 The Bridge - Brown Doctor Bag £700

The Bridge - Brown Key Case £84

Luxury Italian label The Bridge has released its new offerings for SS15.

Operating from their atelier in Firenze the brand has become synonymous with its beautifully crafted leather bags and accessories, utilising the very best in traditional Tuscan artisanship since its launch back in 1969.

The new collection is designed by former Armani adviser Eduardo Wongvalle, continuing the two’s partnership which began last year. Inspiration for the new season comes from the distant world of boundless, unexplored places, far from the modern metropolitan jungle.

Quality craftsmanship is at the heart of the label, with rational methods of the region still in use.
The stitching is typical of Tuscan artisanal saddler, visible stitches and “moccasin”-style craftsmanship in the side details enhance the models All items come fully lined with fastenings and closures coming in a subtle gold metal finish.

Highlights of the new line include the tan and brown backpack priced at £723, with a double strap design and flap over closure and fastenings. If you’re thinking of that weekends getaway then you have the beautiful travel bag (£968) the classic bag is a perfect carry on piece, coming is rich brown leather, an elegant way to pack your essentials.

Smaller items include a understated wallet (£120) in beautiful brown leather that comes with a zip closure.

The collection is available to shop at  thebridge.it

Words by Cristian Burbano

LCM – Tiger of Sweden AW15 – Backstage Exclusive

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012

Tiger of Sweden looked to 1970s Britain as inspiration for its new AW15 looks presented at LC:M.

The decade was a turning point for the youth of Britain, with recession setting in and unemployment at an all time high. Northern cities suffered most with the decline in industry and factories, leaving thousands out of work. It was a bleak time to grow up in. It is in this age of turmoil that saw the rise of the post punk music movement, synth. While punk had it’s place the new emerging synth sounds of spartan futuristics melodies best described the zeitgeist of the time,  becoming the soundtrack to many struggling youth.

Bands like Germany’s Kraftwerk became hugely influential, not only in  music but fashion too.  Tiger of Sweden has heavily referenced this for its new season looks. The tailored looks of synth bands remained for AW15.

The runway was full of jacquard and mohair sharp suits with elongated silhouettes, paired with high waisted trousers and tapered legs, giving the looks a modern feel.

Outerwear is oversized and pay a nod to the colours produced by graphic equalisers,  coming in bright shades of neon blue and lime.

Backstage images are Azzarenko exclusive by Arron Dunworth

More information on Tiger of Sweden here

Words by Cristian Burbano


LCM – Xander Zhou AW15 – Image Exclusive

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019

Chinese designer Xander Zhou offered a Cowboy inspired collection of menswear for AW15, presented during London Collections: Men.

“When I first set eyes on Wild West elements, I had the same experience as most westerners when they see oriental elements for the first time – I could only discern their crude forms” Zhou said.
The American Wild West was referenced with hues of  camel, black and navy reminiscent of iconic Western movies. Fabrics ranged  from fur, fringe and leather to tassels and distressed denim. Tassel and fringing adorned several looks  with Navajo inspired patterns featuring on knitwear and outerwear.  Zhou also incorporated his Chinese heritage into the new line with several pieces
embellished calligraphy by Wang Dan.

Rounding of the season were a collect of singular lenses glasses created in collaboration with eyewear designer Percy Lau, which mirror the crosshairs in a gun sight.

Runway images are Azzarenko exclusive by Arron Dunworth

More information on Xander Zhou here

Words by Cristian Burbano

Louis Vuitton opens store at London’s Heathrow Airport

LV_Heathrow_T5_JamieMcGregorSmith-031 LV_Heathrow_T5_JamieMcGregorSmith-010 LV_Heathrow_T5_JamieMcGregorSmith-027
Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has opened its first European airport store at London’s Heathrow Terminal 5.

The Italian label has a longstanding heritage for luxury travel with its line of trunks and luggage – from check-in to carry-on, fusing functionality with luxury for the needs of the modern traveler.

Occupying 301sq.m the new store features an exterior instillation by Ange Leccia, the contemporary French painter, photographer and filmmaker. Leccia’s works have been exhibited in international galleries and museums, from the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris to the Gugghenheim Museum in New York – and now, inside Louis Vuitton Terminal 5.

Interview with Ange Leccia

How would you describe your work?
I’m a visual artist. I create pictures, videos, films and installations. I adapt myself to different contexts of creation. I enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to work across several mediums.

You’re also a painter and a photographer but what do you like about making films?
Films can be considered as a total art in which the audience is completely engaged on an emotional level. With images in movement, you can arouse mental projections and create poetic links.

How did the collaboration with Louis Vuitton come about?
I have worked with Louis Vuitton for a long time. The house invited me to curate an exhibition titled Travelling in Paris and I have works in Louis Vuitton’s collection.

What was your brief?
For this piece, Nicolas Ghesquière asked me to think about a specific project concerning the sea.

From where did the idea of Giraglia originate?
Giraglia is a small island very close to my Corsican home. It’s become a habit of mine to work with this environment that is so familiar to me. Giraglia already featured in my movie, Nuit Bleue, and when Louis Vuitton called me, I was with my camera in the water, searching for some images.

How long did it take to make, and what was the process?
It took two days for my staff and I to film good images of the rocks under the sea with a specific 4K video camera.

How do you hope it will make people feel when they watch it?
I hope that the audience will respond with their imagination and sensations. I like to create works that have a physical, sensual impact.

What do you hope Giraglia brings to the Louis Vuitton space and the shopping experience overall?
I hope it will bring nature and silence into this space; I hope it creates a relaxing area for the consumer.

The opening coincided with the release of Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2015 collection . Inspired by the Cote d’Azur the collection featuresAquatic motifs abound, from cut out ‘portholes’ on navy sweaters to maritime flares to the rich embroideries depicting coral branches.

More information can be found on louisvuitton.com

Words by Cristian Burbano @xtianburbano

Sartorially Yours

“I reinvent classic British staples (Double breasted blazers, paisley ties, checkered prints and V-neck tees) by infusing them with an Italian flair through lush fabrics, textures and cuts.

I enjoy my creative process so much that it’s as if I’m playing – There’s this little silk string I used to wear and I’d push it through the boutonnière/buttonhole until it reaches my pocket square.” (Also known as a Milanese buttonhole)

Sartorially yours, Guillaume Bo, (Men Need More Style)

men's style

Haute Knick Carmelo Anthony plays Fashion Forward

The New York Knicks position 3 forward is shooting good and looking good – on the cutting edge of fashion. Why else would style icon, Editor in Chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour, be sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden?

How did Carmelo cultivate his refined style and become a trend setter? He hired fashion stylist, Khalilah Williams-Webb, owner of the vintage clothing store Shirley + Alice, in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.

Carmelo approaches fashion like his life, says Khalilah, he has fun and he plays with it.

Being an aesthetic fashion stylist to athletes isn’t as challenging as you might think, especially when you have the phone number of Waraire Boswell, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Designer of the Year, on speed dial. Carmelo Anthony Style

Standing 6’7.5”, the L.A. based custom tailor is familiar with outfitting the tall athletic frame. Quality and function is the paradigm of his design. Engaging specialty linings, pops of color, and infinite detail, Waraire offers his clients a personalized statement with a cool persona.

‘Dressing Carmelo Anthony is a joy’, exudes Williams-Webb. He’s game for everything, leopard kicks, pocket squares, bow ties, smarty pants, hats, specs, boat shoes(Yacht inspired pieces are trending now), and the classic boat shoe is considered more formal than a loafer. Plus, they look great with or without a ‘Happy Sock’!

Carmelo’s bling is cutting edge as well. He’s spokesman for the Japanese Company Phiten. Although the medical and performance enhancing claims of the twisted ropes,(utilizing the electric conductivity of titanium and gold), are considered pseudoscience, that doesn’t stop legions of athletes from wearing them.

Standing tall at 6’8”, it makes sense that Carmelo Anthony would be breathing the air of high fashion – and rocking a gentleman’s look!

Leonardo’s fashion appearance on silver screen

When Leonardo DiCaprio said “I’m the King of the World”, in the 1997 Oscar winning movie ‘Titanic’, audiences worldwide cherished the moment. The character made every young man believe that they too can win the world with such simplicity and style. Years after, DiCaprio has turned into the most prominent style icon holding his own in the Men’s Fashion scenario.

Leonardo’s fashion appearance on silver screen is undeniably the most influential. The way he dresses is aimed to be a Style Advice that men can implement in their current fashion. Last week at the star studded Great Gatsby premiere in NYC, Leo was undoubtedly the man of the evening, arriving in a sharp suit. It is really amazing to notice how he pulls off the suave look and seems to be naturally stylish!

Men’s Style just cannot be complete without cladding up the cool casual look this summer. DiCaprio’s April outing with best friend Lucas Haas came after he dazzled all dressed up at the GLAAD Media Awards. The actor pulled off the cool summertime cargo shorts and T-shirt look in style.

One of the recent style outings that Leo had was in Tokyo in March this year. The actor drove the ladies crazy and sure did he look dapper in the all blue attire. His airport fashion was simple jeans paired with matching blue shirt, jacket, stylish sunglasses and newsboy cap. Men’s Fashion never looked so alluring and how!

Later he walked the red carpet for his film’s premiere in Seoul, Korea. Leo looked fetching in a Tom Ford peak suit paired with classic white shirt and black leather shoes. Men sure can take some Style Advice from his fashionable appearance.

The Hoodie: A Style for the Ages

hoodieOne item of clothing that seems to have been around for ages, the Hoodie, actually has. The initial style extends back to medieval times when the hooded robe was the daily uniform of the Franciscan Monks. In the 1930’s, the transformation of the regular sweatshirt into the hooded version was brought into production by the Feinbloom brothers, who made a zippered, hooded sweatshirt that they marketed to sports players. Today, the Hoodie has become a fashion statement for men, women and children of all ages. It has moved from its position in athletic sportswear to a broader base within the designer world.
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