Pure Gym – Hammersmith – London

06 Sep 2015
Pure Gym - Newport

Memberships at fitness centres are at an all time high. Helping to improve your life physically, mentally and even socially, its clear why we have seen soaring rates of increase in participation. 

I myself play a part in those increasing figures ,spending up to 8 hours in the gym a week I would describe myself as a fitness fanatic. 

Over the past three years I have been a member at a number of gyms, at a number of locations, most recently of which is pure gym, Hammersmith. The facilities offered by pure gym at this location are absolutely outstanding. I was truly shocked at the variety, quality, and quantity of equipment provided. Before we speak about the value offered for money at pure gym, it is a notable factor that not only is the gym open 24 hours the day, but there is no contract involved in the membership Iike what I have experienced at some other more expensive gyms. This make pure gym a perfect option if you often work long hours and prefer to work out at a later time.

Due to a busy schedule, I often find myself in the gym after 10 PM. An added advantage of this is that the gym is far less busy. I also find with work that I often need to travel for prolonged periods of time away from home, meaning the absence of contract is perfect because I’m able to simply pause my membership whilst I am away, avoiding unnecessary costs!  

Membership start at just £10.99 a month. Included in this membership you will be free to use over 220 pieces of he latest gym equipment that covers everyones fitness requirements and goals. There is also 40 free classes a week and additional specialist classes offered if they are of interest, such as Zumba. There is also a free induction you can utilise if you are a beginner and personal training offered if you would like assistance with you workout technique, plan or even dietary advise. I am overwhelmed with the service provided my Pure Gym, a true peoples business!


By Cristian Burbano