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Nama – London

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Nama is London’s first artisanal raw food restaurant offering a large range of highly nutritious dishes, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nama prides itself in educating its customers in health and wellbeing, providing cleansing programs, raw food courses and workshops on top of their existing raw food catering, showing their customers how its done by a professional. 

The menus are extremely unique, with imaginative dishes that could not be found elsewhere. The all-day menu features starters such as Kohlrabi Ravioli with Nut ‘Cheese’, and mains such as pizzas with a courgette and walnut base. Deserts include Fermented Blueberry cheesecake- which is absolutely delicious- or choose from a selection of sweet treats such as mint chocolate truffles. 

All of the food served is 100% meat, dairy, wheat and gluten as well as being fully organic and unprocessed. Ingredients are bought daily from organic suppliers and farmers markets and everything is handmade on site in the kitchen. Nama puts a lot of effort into maintaining the nutritional value of the food it buys and supplies, hence all of its products are fresh and nothing is heated above a temperature of 115F.

One thing I loved at Nama was the nourishing smoothies and juices on offer. As an example Chocolate Heaven (Cacao, lucuma, cashew nuts, chia seeds, fresh almond milk, cinnamon, maple, vanilla, coconut sugar) or Super Green (Kale, parsley, apple, celery, cucumber, avocado, chlorella, lemon)

They taste delicious and are a fantastic way to supply the body with a range of nutrients quickly leaving you feeling revitalised and alert. 

The interior of Nama reflects the purity of its menu with a bright, clean and stylish design. It accommodates 40 diners over 2 floors so it has a cosy and intermit vibe. 

The lower ground floor accommodates an open kitchen and dining area available for private hire, allowing guests to watch the chefs create the dishes to be served!

110 Talbot Road,
W11 1JR