Lynx Launches New Grooming Range

02 Apr 2016

Grooming brand lynx is making its first moves into the premium market with the release a new line of higher end products.

The range includes three product collections; Signature, Urban and Adrenaline, each of which contain new hairstyling and anti-perspirant products alongside the unique Daily Fragrances. Each of the products offers different key ingredients to create 3 distinct fragrances.  To create the new line  Lynx partnered with one of the world’s leading fragrance designers – Ann Gottlieb – and two fragrance houses that are collectively responsible for creating iconic fragrances for fine fragrance brands including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.

The 3 fragrances are…

 made with precious Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla, this is a subtle, woody fragrance, providing a smooth and memorable touch.

Urban: made with rich Tobacco and Amber, this is a smoky and sweet fragrance.

Adrenaline: made with Iced Musk and Ginger, this sharp, icy-fresh fragrance will kick start an adrenaline-fuelled day.
In addition to the fragrances the collection feature hair styling products and deodorants.

Alongside the new product range, Lynx have created a whole range of online tutorials.
The film series aims to answer the grooming questions guys ask online and show them how to achieve different individual looks with style and confidence. Instagroom can be found at

The new line is available nationwide and priced from £3.29.



By Cristian Burbano