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Louis Vuitton opens store at London’s Heathrow Airport

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Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has opened its first European airport store at London’s Heathrow Terminal 5.

The Italian label has a longstanding heritage for luxury travel with its line of trunks and luggage – from check-in to carry-on, fusing functionality with luxury for the needs of the modern traveler.

Occupying 301sq.m the new store features an exterior instillation by Ange Leccia, the contemporary French painter, photographer and filmmaker. Leccia’s works have been exhibited in international galleries and museums, from the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris to the Gugghenheim Museum in New York – and now, inside Louis Vuitton Terminal 5.

Interview with Ange Leccia

How would you describe your work?
I’m a visual artist. I create pictures, videos, films and installations. I adapt myself to different contexts of creation. I enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to work across several mediums.

You’re also a painter and a photographer but what do you like about making films?
Films can be considered as a total art in which the audience is completely engaged on an emotional level. With images in movement, you can arouse mental projections and create poetic links.

How did the collaboration with Louis Vuitton come about?
I have worked with Louis Vuitton for a long time. The house invited me to curate an exhibition titled Travelling in Paris and I have works in Louis Vuitton’s collection.

What was your brief?
For this piece, Nicolas Ghesquière asked me to think about a specific project concerning the sea.

From where did the idea of Giraglia originate?
Giraglia is a small island very close to my Corsican home. It’s become a habit of mine to work with this environment that is so familiar to me. Giraglia already featured in my movie, Nuit Bleue, and when Louis Vuitton called me, I was with my camera in the water, searching for some images.

How long did it take to make, and what was the process?
It took two days for my staff and I to film good images of the rocks under the sea with a specific 4K video camera.

How do you hope it will make people feel when they watch it?
I hope that the audience will respond with their imagination and sensations. I like to create works that have a physical, sensual impact.

What do you hope Giraglia brings to the Louis Vuitton space and the shopping experience overall?
I hope it will bring nature and silence into this space; I hope it creates a relaxing area for the consumer.

The opening coincided with the release of Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2015 collection . Inspired by the Cote d’Azur the collection featuresAquatic motifs abound, from cut out ‘portholes’ on navy sweaters to maritime flares to the rich embroideries depicting coral branches.

More information can be found on louisvuitton.com

Words by Cristian Burbano @xtianburbano