The Juice Well – London

05 Jan 2016

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With many of us overindulging over the holiday season what better to kick off the New Year        than with a much needed detox  and the most popular of late has been the juice cleanse.

Several companies and juice bars  now offer cleanses so we decided to try one out for ourselves and opted for The Juice Well in London’s Soho, which specialises in cold pressed juices, smoothies and healthy snacks. The cold press refers to the method of juice extraction which is said to retain the highest level of nutrients from the juiced fruits and vegetables, plant cells are crushed slowly using a hydraulic press juicer to release the nutrients without altering, heating or destroying them in any way. At The Juice Well all their juices are pressed and not grinded that means that no oxidation will have taken place, leaving all the vital minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins and nutrients intact.

Cleansing has been a hot topic recently with talk of its health promoting benefits (boost immunity and assist in detoxing your liver, kidney & blood)and a great way to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

The Juice Well offers four different types of cleanses which come available in 1 day or 3 day options which the team worked with alongside rusted nutritionists and chefs.

The four options are….

Rainbow – As the name suggests is the most colourful options with plenty of fruit and vegetable juices that deliver 100%RDA of 23 vital vitamins & minerals and soluble finer.
1 day £55/3 days £160

All Nighter- Designed for those looking to combat skin problems thanks to anti-inflammatory ingredients are loaded with phytonutrients.
1 day £55/3 days £160

Energizer – Provides a great source of mineral, zinc & iron. It’s high amount of natural chlorophyll alkalizes and cleanses body & blood.
1 day £55/3 days £160

Green – The most intense of the four and designed for those who want to do a cleanse with fewer natural sugars, it also contains 96% RDA of soluble fibre.
1 day £58/3 days £170

Each day of the plans includes 6 x 500ml juices alongside a bottle of Reverse Osmosis (super filtrated) water and two concentrated juice ‘shots’, the 6 juices are intended to be consumed at  two hour intervals to keep energy levels at a high.

We opted for the Green cleanse, the most restrictive of the four the juices are mostly green vegetables based to limit sugar levels and as a result also has the lowest calorie levels with 753 calories a day.  The juices are intended to be consumed in a particular order to optimise their health boosting benefits so it is recommended you follow these, each bottle will be clearly labelled.

Kicking of the fist of the 6 daily juices if the Hungry Buster, though scary looking (thick black liquid) at first the juice itself is quite tasty – a mixture of chia gel, Galia Melon, Vanilla Extract and charcoal (one of nature’s best detoxers) the juice is rich of Omega 3 and the mixture is full of Vitamin C, B and potassium.

The remainder are all green juices – some tastier the others – the ones with fruit give it a naturally added sweetness, the Sweet Greens fixes apple, Kale, spinach, romaine, lemon and pear.

Alongside the juices are two juice shots, these concentrated 30ml shots are designed to be taken on their own or mixed in with any of the other juices in the plan, included in the Green cleanse are the Beauty Elixir and Fat Burner.  Two 500ml bottles of Reverse Osmosis Water are also included, to wash  away toxins.

The 3 days were quite intense and if its your first time on a juice cleanse I recommend going for one of the less restrictive  plans, the fruit juices are sweeter and make it easier to stick to. However if you want to go all out and go for the ultimate green juice cleanse then I do recommend it, thought a bit difficult at first the plan does get easier as the days pass and after the 3 full days you will feel less heavy and totally rejuvenated along with  a brighter complexion to boot.

The Juice Well make the cleanses very easy with all 3 days worth delivered straight to any address in greater London and each day individually packed in a cooling bag making it easy to take with you to work, just stick the bag in a fridge and drink every 2 hours.

To sign up for a plan and to visit the full range of products visit

By Cristian Burbano