iSmash Expansion

02 Nov 2017

ISmash offers the perfect solution to all that common problem, a smashed of phone screen.

Founded by Julian Shovlin the business not only offers an array of smart phone (and computer) repairs (from broken screens, home buttons and water damage) but does so with a quick turnaround time and with a customer guarantee, something that independent repair places can’t offer, peace of mind.

The young entrepreneur started the business in 2013 with a flagship in Chelsea, it has then grown to 20 branches in London and the UK wth ones in Manchester and Bristol opening in recent months.

We recently got to try out their services and visited the Westfield White City branch. Handing over our screen smashed iPhone 6 we came back a mere 30 minutes later to be greeted by a new looking phone , with a brand new screen fitted by the on site technician (the glass workspace allows you to see them work). Unlike most repair shops in the high street iSmash offers a work guarantee (the duration varies depending on the repair carried out) which means you have no worries about the quality of the work carried out. Our repair cost £84.99 and that included a 12 month guarantee.

In addition to iPhones iSmash offers repairs to most phone brands, including Huawei, LG, Samsung and Google pixel.

In addition to repair services iSmash also sell an extensive range of cases to make sure your screen doesn’t smash again. While many of us (myself included)  carry on using our phones with cracked screens this is not advised, as well as potentially cutting ourselves with the glass leaving it cracked could mean dirt and liquid could enter the phone which will result in further (and more costly) repairs down the line, so it’s best to get it fixed sooner rather than later.

With so many of us using our smart phones for not only calls but to organise our entire lives this fast turnaround time is perfect, reuniting you with your phone in often less than an hour, so no need to be disconnected from work, friends and loved ones.

We caught up with Julian to talk more about his business

Tell us a bit more about how iSmash started? what gave you the idea to create it?

iSmash started whilst I was at university in Ireland, where I became so frustrated with the level of service I received when getting my phone fixed that I started learning how to fix screens myself – it was at this point that I realised there was a gap in the market to take advantage of. So the concept of iSmash manifested in Dublin but I decided to launch the brand in London due to the market size and scope to attract international attention to support fundraising and growth. 

What makes the iSmash concept and service so unique, what makes it different to other high street retailers offering gadget repair services?

I founded iSmash because I felt the industry as it stood did not serve the needs of consumers, which should be at the centre of all businesses. Despite the proliferation of smartphones and other tech, those with broken technology were left with limited choices between the pricey manufacturers and the cheaper, but less trusted, street-corner independents.

 The tech-repair market was dominated by unbranded local independent businesses and was very fragmented. For consumers this only offered a low-quality repair and generally you wouldn’t get a warranty when you got your phone or tablet screen repaired. So we decided to bridge the gap with iSmash, between these types of independents and the manufacturing giants, by offering a lifetime warranty and a 30-minute repair promise at a competitive price.

Your newest store is in Bristol, what made you choose this for the latest location?
After a successful initial launch in London, we knew the logical place to take iSmash was to influential cities across the UK. Opening on Broadmead, right in the centre of the city, means we’re now placed in a high-footfall, iconic location at the heart of the community.

 Are you looking to expand further? specially beyond London?
Our aspiration is to establish iSmash as the market leader for tech repairs in the UK. We first launched the brand in London but have since expanded to Manchester, Sheffield and Bristol in recent months. We will be opening in key locations in Leeds and Brighton next, as well as to further commuter and tourist hotspots in the capital.

 What’s next for iSmash?
Our vision is to be the trailblazer of the international tech repair market by providing our customers with the fastest, most convenient and professional tech repair service. We will have 28 stores across the UK by the end of 2017 and have plans to open 50+ stores nationwide by 2019.

So if your phone needs a quick fix then pay iSmash a visit


By Cristian Burbano