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06 Aug 2019
The Churchill Bar & Terrace - Summer 2015

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Located in Portman square, Marylebone, Churchill bar & Terrace is wonderfully located in the centre of London, and it certainly lives up to its lavish location. The bar and terrace are beautifully decorated with Winston Churchill and his beloved wife Clementine in mind, intwined in the design are references to Churchill’s life in photography, art and features. This includes a life size bronze statue of Churchill “in conversation”. 

I spent my visit in the beautiful terrace area, which is surrounded by carefully trimmed hedges offering a degree of shielding from the pathway nearby whilst not taking away the feeling of being outdoors. For colder times of the year each table has a heater installed above it, adding to the summer vibes that are provided by the beige and pink flowers surrounding the terrace. 

Churchill Bar and Terrace is renowned for its fantastic cocktails, and I found out why during my visit. I tried two drinks from the new summer cocktails menu, the Battenberg and the Country Pumpkin. The first thing that will surprise you is the presentation of the cocktails which is exceptional. Even at first glance you can see the thought, time and effort that has gone into creating each one. For The Battenberg, the talented team at Churchill have deconstructed the cake by using amaretto for the marzipan coating, British gin-pinkster for the pink squares and vanilla syrup with apricot jam to finish it off. It is served with a slice of Battenberg cake on a sliver cake knife placed on top of the glass. In a similar fashion, the Country Pumpkin utilises pumpkin syrup, wild heather honey Drambuie and grapefruit bitters to create a resembling taste. 

They also serve a selection of ‘picnic hampers’, including a variety of finger sandwiches, cheeses and cured meat. Other dished such as scotch eggs or cucumber and mint soup are on offer. I tried the scotched eggs and cured meat which were both delicious and to matching standard of the cocktails.

For more information and bookings visit here.

By Cristian Burbano