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HKK Restaurant – London

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If I had a superpower for the day, I’d no longer want to go flying. Instead, I’d like to get into the marvellous mind of Chef Tong Chee Hwee – master chef of Hakkasan Group and the man behind the Michelin star awarded to HKK within months of its opening.

HKK’s menu is thematic as the restaurant’s concept is that of a banquet style that offers tasting menus comprising of around 8 – 15 courses. And it’s for that reason, the wondrous genius of Chef Tong’s ever-creative imagination keeps this restaurant a leap ahead in London’s current restaurant boom era.

Some of the recent offerings were in celebration of Chinese new year, in which the intricately designed menu took diners on a culinary journey through China by interpreting key ingredients native to eight different provinces of China. Most notable was the incredibly aromatic Peking (Beijing) duck whereby an ancient cherry wood roasting technique was used, taking up to two days to achieve it’s tenderness and delicate crispy skin. Not to mention the coastal Zhejiang province’s staple Wagyu beef, braised in soy and a rich Merlot that sang “March of the Volunteers” to my unknowing palate.

Highlights from the culinary journey menu have spilled over onto this months new line up. It’s great to see they’ve kept on the aforementioned Peking duck and also the Dim Sum trilogy – a trinity of unique dumplings, prepared and cooked in various ways including a puff pastry styled casing. This month also sees the Wagyu beef seared and cooked in a unique coffee barbecue sauce.

If it’s a true dining experience you are after then HKK is your destination. Besides the food, its elegant and slick interiored dining room draped in string curtains, textured walls and subtle lighting will have you wondering why in God’s name you ever bothered going to your local all-you-can-eat buffet.

Tasting menus range from £48 – £98 per person (+ optional £38 wine pairing). For more information visit: www.hkklondon.com

Words by: Kristina Karima, Founder of food site www.aplatehalffull.com