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SALON64 London

SALON64 is a new innovative hair salon come coffee bar that opened up in London’s Soho, serving the area’s hippest clientele.

The salon is the creation of top London hairstylist Ricky Walters, the 26 year old has previous stints at The Corinthia & John Frieda on his CV.

Covering 2 floors and over 2000 square feet Walters worked with JaK Studio and creative partner Brash Brands to create an unprecedented beauty parlour experience in London.  Taking inspiration from a traditional French salon SALON64 offers a social hub to the soho set, perfect for those on the go to meet friends, get their hair done or even just grab a coffee and charge your phone.

The sleek minimal interiors feature herringbone floors alongside a blue colour scheme with pops of raspberry, with tapestries and print adorning walls.At the front of the salon, The Stye Bar features, which welcomes guests with its jewellery box mirrors so you can freshen up before dinner or drinks while enjoying a coffee from the in house bar.

At the rear and on the basement floor features the hairdressing spaces, which features the striking fire pit, which runs alongside the centre of the designated seating unit, again with prop open stations that are reminiscent of jewellery boxes that house a mirror as well as power plugs to charge your phone, laptop or tablets while you get your treatment done.

On our Ricky and I discussed the cut I wanted making his recommendations that would set suit my hair length and texture and get got straight to work. Staff rand over the latest issues of Esquire and GQ and regular cappuccinos throughout the cut. I loved the result and my whole SALON64 experience so a visit is a must.

Men’s cuts start at £50, full info can be found on their website www.salon64.co.uk

14 Bateman St,

Taylor Taylor London – Portobello Road



Taylor Taylor London has become one of the capital’s most recognised hairdressing brands, with 3 salons including the most recent addition in the world famous Notting Hill.

Located on the famed Portobello road the area is a must visit for Londoners and visitors alike with the bustling weekend market attracting huge numbers. Though located in a prime location once you enter the salon you are secluded from the hustle and bustle of the street. I was struck by the modern yet ornate interiors with a nod to Baroque extravagances of the French courts, with gold accents, striking light fixtures and their very own bar which serves up cocktails (and coffees) white you wait.

The salon is welcoming to its male clientele so no garish girly decor here but a sophisticated unisex vibe that offers high quality services to all clients.  The receptionist was friendly and warm, making the whole experience enjoyable.

On my visit my appointment was with Style Director, Michael O’Gorman who has over 10 year experience working for editorial and fashion clients including  huge brands like Louis Vuitton, Cavalli and Balenciaga. Michael and I discussed the type of look I was going for and then he got to work.

I was taken downstairs to an equally beautiful room to get my hair  shampooed and conditioned, and they even offer a head massage! back upstairs I settled on a G&T which was then delivered to my station.

I was very happy with the cut and service, and I was out within an hour. The cut was just what I wanted but Michael put his own glossy high fashion take on it.
I would highly recommend a visit for your next cut, great service and cocktails to boot, what more could you ask for?

Taylor Taylor London
309 Portobello Rd,
W10 5TD

Manscaping – What’s Recommended

Well-groomed men have been managing their body hair from the beginning of time. Body hair is a way of defining yourself and your character. Facial hair has long been man’s way of looking younger, older, slimmer and more masculine. A disposable razor is okay for your face, but make sure you have a standard beard trimmer for every other part of your body. A beard trimmer leaves a natural undefined line, and you’ll avoid razor burn and itching.

A beard is fine, but your neck should always be clean. No neck beards allowed! While we’re grooming your face, make sure your eyebrows are not growing together. A wax is recommended, and make sure ear and nose hairs are trimmed.  manscaping and grooming

Body hair serves a valuable purpose. It lets your skin breathe under clothing and it protects sensitive areas. Your goal is to trim and thin down your hirsute appearance, not eliminate it.

Start with your chest. You want it to be thinned down to a uniform density, with nothing showing above the collar. Same with your underarms. Your underarm hair shouldn’t be visible when your arms are down at your sides.

No one is turned on by back or shoulder hair. If you’ve got it, get rid of it. Do not shave your back. You’re going to have to spring for a wax, but in time it stops growing. If you’re getting a wax, make sure they do your feet. Foot hair is not attractive, and in sandals or at the beach it’s a no-no.

Should you trim your pubic hair? Definitely, and not just for special occasions. You should keep the pubic area clean and simple, with the sides trimmed and the length no longer than an inch. Groom your pubes once a week. Manscaping activities are personal, and when it comes to body hair, less is more.