Enjoy 5-Star Hospitality in the French Alps with Consensio Chalet

02 Mar 2019

Ever dreamed of 5-star hospitality in the middle of the French Alps? Consensio Chalet has truly defined what luxury stands for. Feel pampered at their award-winning Ski Chalets and luxurious serviced apartments right in the middle of the French Alps.

They bring the best of French Hospitality right to you with award-winning hospitality coupled with some of the best amenities you can enjoy. This hotel offers ski packages not only for bachelors but for families as well. The chalets provided boasts a unique interior design which is truly in harmony with the French Alps.


That’s not all, the views of the mountains in the background are breathtaking – making Consensio Chalet one of the very best. It has a warm water pool, a London Restaurant, Ski package counter, etc. among a host of other award-winning amenities.

The hotel is packed to the brim during winter when the French Alps receive their magnificent snowfall. They also offer exciting packages during festive seasons and all throughout the year.


One of the most highly regarded Ski Operators out there, Consensio Chalet will continue to provide its customers with the very best of experiences. If you are planning to visit the French Alps, you know where you must stay. Come visit Consensio Chalet and get blown away by the best in industry hospitality and of course, bask in the glory of the majestic French Alps.


By Kurtiss Valentino