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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar’s style embodies his essence, making him an instantly recognizable figure in the world of cricket. This successful sportsman retired last November after his 200th test after giving an emotional speech at the Wankhede stadium.

The star cricketer also stunned the world in 2012 when he opted for a straight hair look, decimating his curls and forsaking his plain tees for a checked shirt. This new look made him look years younger, giving him an air of metrosexual sophistication. Sachin has also been spotted wearing shirts with striped detail as well as soft pastels which do a great job at making him stand out as a fashion risk-taker.

Sachin enjoys a great relationship with a number of brands for whom he remains a main sponsor. These include Adidas India and Boost. The batsman is a brand favorite thanks to his ability to inspire both children and adults during his 24 year career.

Rory McIlory

Rory McIlory, the 23-year-old child prodigy recently surprised the world by winning the US Open without even trying. He followed up this success by bagging the US PGA crown. With his trademark curly Irish hair as well as freckles, this budding golfer wears whatever makes him comfortable on and off the field. In 2012, he opened the 39th Ryder Cup in Medinah wearing a dapper grey suit, sky blue shirt, dotted blue tie and dark brown sunglasses, looking like the professional sportsman that he is. Having said that, Rory likes to keep it casual with slacks and polo shirts most of the time.


Tim Tebow

Touted as the most popular footballer in the USA, Tim Tebow has done things most pro footballers would only ever dream about. This dashing hunk of a man has endorsements from big sports corporations such as Nike and Jockey and can be spotted outside of the field in a casual tee and unassuming pair of jeans. Known for his spiky hair and godlike physique, Tim favors the semi-casual look loves wearing khakis, checkered tees and fuss-free jackets. For this pro footballer, easy and breezy does it. Tebow recently joined ESPN as an analyst and is waiting to rejoin the NFL soon.


Johnny Depp Stands Out In A Crowd

The best part about Johnny Depp’s fashion style is – Johnny Depp. Johnny is confident and comfortable, whether he’s dressing up dapper or sporting a grunge attitude.

Johnny aims to surprise and tantalize. With Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest grossing over 1 billion worldwide, Johnny can afford his multi-layered, bad boy funky look – including messy hair(head and face), colored glasses(usually blue), baggy jeans(torn and tattered), and any kind of headgear(bandana to cowboy).

Johnny is the accessory king, from his affection-inspired inked arms, to scarves, vests and jewelry, less is not more. Johnny wears a ring on every finger and 5 bracelets on each arm. A leather wristband is a must.

Decades-old workboots are a Johnny Depp trademark on the red carpet, but Johnny can rock traditional formal just as easily, looking modern and dapper in a Tom Ford tuxedo and Christian Louboutin multi-colored spectator shoes.

For unconventional class, look no further than Johnny Depp.


Novak Djokovic Goes For Tailored Suits

Tennis is no longer a Federer-Nadal duopoly thanks to Novak Djokovic. This Serbian powerhouse has more than six majors under his belt and numerous endorsement deals with Mercedes Benz, Adidas and Audemars-Piguet. Always a snappy dresser, Djokovic goes for tailored suits in colors which complement his skin tone as well as fashionable preppy sweaters and different colored jeans and biker jackets every so often. Djokovic also has a modelesque body which makes it possible for him to pull off almost any look.  Young and suave, this pro tennis player doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping any time soon.


Owen Wright Riding the High Waves of Sports Fashion

Owen Wright Is an Australian World Champion Surfer riding the high waves of sports fashion style. Expect to see Owe’s 6’3” frame in a Rip Curl Tee or Singlet with a pair of neon Walking Shorts, or one of the Rip Curl Wetsuits that mixes Neoprene with Spandex for lightness, warmth and great flexibility. When he’s in the water chances are he’ll be in a Mirage Aggrolite swim trunk, made from one piece of fabric with no seams.

Owe’s the image for Dragon Brand Sunglasses, The Remix is his favorite, and it’s no wonder, the lenses are sunrise gold. Owe is a Polo shirt fan, comfortable in colorful stripes and plaids. Don’t be surprised to see Owe sipping on a cold Monster Energy Drink, they’re one of his sponsors, as are Byrne surfboards.

Haute Knick Carmelo Anthony plays Fashion Forward

The New York Knicks position 3 forward is shooting good and looking good – on the cutting edge of fashion. Why else would style icon, Editor in Chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour, be sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden?

How did Carmelo cultivate his refined style and become a trend setter? He hired fashion stylist, Khalilah Williams-Webb, owner of the vintage clothing store Shirley + Alice, in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.

Carmelo approaches fashion like his life, says Khalilah, he has fun and he plays with it.

Being an aesthetic fashion stylist to athletes isn’t as challenging as you might think, especially when you have the phone number of Waraire Boswell, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Designer of the Year, on speed dial. Carmelo Anthony Style

Standing 6’7.5”, the L.A. based custom tailor is familiar with outfitting the tall athletic frame. Quality and function is the paradigm of his design. Engaging specialty linings, pops of color, and infinite detail, Waraire offers his clients a personalized statement with a cool persona.

‘Dressing Carmelo Anthony is a joy’, exudes Williams-Webb. He’s game for everything, leopard kicks, pocket squares, bow ties, smarty pants, hats, specs, boat shoes(Yacht inspired pieces are trending now), and the classic boat shoe is considered more formal than a loafer. Plus, they look great with or without a ‘Happy Sock’!

Carmelo’s bling is cutting edge as well. He’s spokesman for the Japanese Company Phiten. Although the medical and performance enhancing claims of the twisted ropes,(utilizing the electric conductivity of titanium and gold), are considered pseudoscience, that doesn’t stop legions of athletes from wearing them.

Standing tall at 6’8”, it makes sense that Carmelo Anthony would be breathing the air of high fashion – and rocking a gentleman’s look!

Soccer Star Style

Portuguese football phenomenon, Cristiano Ronaldo strikes the perfect balance between being an on-field superstar and an off-field fashion icon. With his strong physique and agile moves, clothes go from pieces of fabric to elements of sartorial art when Ronaldo dons them. Clothes drape him as he moves. When not in uniform, Ronaldo enjoys putting together laid-back and European-inspired ensembles, still with a sporty touch. His wardrobe includes fitted, crisp white dress shirts worn under cropped leather bombers, and sleek, slim-fit suits.

His aggression on the football field is somewhat contravened by his charming smile. His youthful and fun nature is reflected in his personal style. Indeed, his take on modern fashion is something that athletes or non-athletes can learn from.

Jacob & Co. has signed the stylish soccer star to be their new campaign model, succeeding the likes of Helena Christensen, Milla Jovovich and Natalia Vodianova. José Manuel Ferrater shot the ad campaign in Madrid, photos of which will roll out in major glossies such as GQ, Vogue and Bazaar. Ronaldo has previously appeared in major campaigns for signature brands such as Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani, Pepe Jeans and Nike.

Lionel Messi: Polka Dot Tuxedo

Known worldwide for his goal scoring power (a total of 91 goals in 2012 to be exact), Lionel Messi is also making a huge statement in the field of fashion.

Messi won his fourth consecutive Ballon D’Or in January wearing quite the celebratory suit for the occasion. The Barcelona Wizard was in a show stopping, polka dot tuxedo. The tailored blazer was designed especially for Messi by his sponsor, Dolce & Gabbana. The suit was a one-button black silk tux with white polka dots and black satin lapels. It included a tailored black wool vest with four buttons and a plain white shirt. Trousers with a velvet side trim complemented the festive top.

Some sites reported that Messi’s sartorial choice was a tribute to fellow Argentine legend, Diego Maradona who in 1995, was photographed rocking the polka dot suit and posing with his wife.
The homage to Diego is a style departure from Messi’s more classic and conservative black suits which we wore in the past Ballon d’Or ceremonies.

Lionel Messi Polka Dot Tux

Leonardo’s fashion appearance on silver screen

When Leonardo DiCaprio said “I’m the King of the World”, in the 1997 Oscar winning movie ‘Titanic’, audiences worldwide cherished the moment. The character made every young man believe that they too can win the world with such simplicity and style. Years after, DiCaprio has turned into the most prominent style icon holding his own in the Men’s Fashion scenario.

Leonardo’s fashion appearance on silver screen is undeniably the most influential. The way he dresses is aimed to be a Style Advice that men can implement in their current fashion. Last week at the star studded Great Gatsby premiere in NYC, Leo was undoubtedly the man of the evening, arriving in a sharp suit. It is really amazing to notice how he pulls off the suave look and seems to be naturally stylish!

Men’s Style just cannot be complete without cladding up the cool casual look this summer. DiCaprio’s April outing with best friend Lucas Haas came after he dazzled all dressed up at the GLAAD Media Awards. The actor pulled off the cool summertime cargo shorts and T-shirt look in style.

One of the recent style outings that Leo had was in Tokyo in March this year. The actor drove the ladies crazy and sure did he look dapper in the all blue attire. His airport fashion was simple jeans paired with matching blue shirt, jacket, stylish sunglasses and newsboy cap. Men’s Fashion never looked so alluring and how!

Later he walked the red carpet for his film’s premiere in Seoul, Korea. Leo looked fetching in a Tom Ford peak suit paired with classic white shirt and black leather shoes. Men sure can take some Style Advice from his fashionable appearance.