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Girlfriend Gift Buying Guide

Sometimes, or more often than not, a way to a woman’s heart is through her closet –her wardrobe and vanity table, to be exact. Need some shopping advice? Simply turn to her favorite designers for presents she will absolutely adore. Here are 10 runway-worthy gifts she’ll love and profusely thank you for.

  1. A new shade or two (or three) of lipstick to update her makeup kit. Tom Ford Matte Lipstick
  1. A new LBD for your next date night. Givenchy Jacquard Mini Dress With Pleated Skirt
  1. An everyday bag. Saint Laurent Leather Bucket Bag
  1. A new pair of sunnies to add to her arsenal. Prada Round Frame Sunglasses
  1. A bikini for your next vacation together. Gucci Flora-Knight Bandeau Bikini
  1. Because she loves perfume in pretty bottles. Limited-edition Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh Sorbet
  1. Because she needs the season’s IT shoe. Valentino Aphrodite Leather Sandals
  1. Because accessorizing is her art form. Dior Ear Jewels
  1. A power jacket because she’s great at her job. Versace Swarovski Embellished Blazer
  1. A gift you too, can enjoy. Stella McCartney Clara Whispering Lace-Trimmed Stretch-Silk Chemise


Photo courtesy of Philippe Rech


Kickboxing for Fitness

Kickboxing makes for a well-rounded workout that provides a vigorous cardiovascular exercise while effectively targeting your core muscle groups. Kickboxing is an intense, calorie-burning exercise –an average person can burn approximately 700 calories in an hour, making it a great workout option for those wanting to lose weight.

Pierre Abena Kickboxing

Doing the punching and kicking in consistent intervals will also help build muscles, while improving muscle definition and retention. The rapid arm and leg movements will also improve balance and flexibility. Ready to give it a try? Glove up at the MMA Atletica Box.

Photos courtesy of Pierre Abena

Cali-Cool Club

Riviera Club
Sitting on a folding chair on your porch while consuming a couple of six-packs chilled in a cooler, sounds like more of a chore than a tried-and-tested way to cool down. Sometimes, it’s what you’re wearing that makes all the difference. Being clad in fabulously light and crisp clothing can instantly transport you beachside with a fancy-sounding cocktail on hand.
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Power Dressing with Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Power play in the underground. Intensely pulsating with mystery, brimming with danger, and excitingly irresistible. The Yves Saint Laurent Fall-Winter 2012 collection is a theatrical ode to this enduring power struggle between “Sex and Money.” YSL Creative Director, Stefano Pilati takes inspiration from a bygone era. A period where fornication ruled the underground and sex was the true currency. With the obstruction and revelation of this not-so-secret world, all that is left is a transgressive tribute to the modern art world. A place where sex and money may still be constant variables.

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Fashion Circus Comes to Town

The Brooklyn Circus Fashions

Although not greeted by tamed lions or clowns on stilts, a visit to the Brooklyn Circus provides shoppers with a fun and quirky experience with an encore of exquisitely tailored duds.

The store is charmingly decked with dark wooden floors, antique furniture pieces and a fabulous black chandelier to put a spotlight on the circus acts, particularly the glorious merchandise –graphic tees, dark denim, button-downs, polos, outerwear, military-inspired pieces and thirties-and- forties- inspired vintage accessories –all creatively exhibited.
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Xander Zhou: Proudly Made in China

China Fashion
Fashion perhaps, when rooted in revolutionary innovation, can have as much impact on a nation and beyond, as the economy. A bit far-fetched yes, but what if a unique sense of style can reform the fashion industry and further fuel the status of say, a world super power? And what if the phrase “Made in China” has shifted its meaning from mass production to genuinely creative, world-class products? Trail-blazing this significant change in the world of fashion is young designer, Xander Zhou.
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